Days have seemed more luminous lately. It’s not just the change in season. People seem to have a soft glow about them as well. I sense the fragility and goodness at the heart of each, in spite of how pain can curl a person’s outer interactions into rudeness or callousness. Even today, which was a difficult day, there was luminosity and goodness all around, no matter how cranky or negative my thoughts wanted to become.

I wonder when I have days like this, experiencing this goodness and beauty. Have the brain chemicals been altered somehow? Did I eat or do something different to change my vision? Has the years of spiritual “work” led to this? Or is this being “touched by grace”, a gift from a Higher Being? I supposed it doesn’t do much good to think too hard about it. Perhaps it is enough to simply enjoy and feel the gratitude that comes from this experience.

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Date: Saturday, 11. September 2010 3:24
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    . . . so glad you posted this . . . i wonder about this too . . . use to try to figure it out so as to recreate it . . . now just relax into it and enjoy the spaciousness . . . so lovely . . . :)

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