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Pixel Purge from Mangima.comThe current cycle of work finished on the Fall Equinox. One last person was escorted to the Gates of the Tradition I practice, where he crossed the threshold and became an initiate. Thus begins his new journey of tapping directly into the life force within the energetic pathways of this Tradition, and thus begins mine down a different road.

What I sometimes call “the Gods”, other times “brain chemicals”, has let it be known that the next few years is where my own work will have the opportunity to change. One area that feels imperative to change is the amount of media I currently consume. Not so much television or radio – I much prefer silence in the house – but email lists, blogs, and news feeds. Social media. “Good” or “bad”, it doesn’t matter. It’s time to distill down to the bare minimum.

In some ways, I don’t want to let go of all those lists and feeds. What if I miss something important? Social media is also a way to help me feel less isolated here in the country, a way in which I remember how to talk to human adults. Letting go of some, however, doesn’t mean I have to let go of all. But it’s hard to remember that at times. I think I fear the void that will appear once all those distractions are gone. I’ll have to be more with myself (good thing I enjoy my own company), and more available to currents of this new work, of shifting & healing self, others, planetary beings/elements and the planet itself. It’s big work, and fucking scary to view in its entirety.

So. Time to step into the fear, and time to purge.

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Date: Monday, 4. October 2010 13:49
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