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I recently received a “suggestion” from the Powers That Be (and/or brain chemical transmission) that I begin a major spiritual undertaking. It’s been intimated that I’ll be one of many doing this work, and may or may not see any fruits from this effort in this lifetime. The work will be of assisting those who want to do earth-healing work, and helping people develop a healthier relationship with this planet. And a bit of healing for us humans as well.

Sounds high-falutin’, I know. Truly, regardless of what we do or don’t do, the earth will far outlast us, even if we poison it beyond human sustainability. It would simply mean the end of us humans – the rest of life either perishing or adapting, but life would go on. With that said, there’s an assumption in this “suggested” work that we humans might have something to offer this planet. Some may find that assumption debatable. That’s okay, as I often question that there’s even a Powers That Be, and if so, that these Powers would have the faintest interest in us individual humans. Regardless, these Powers/brain chemicals have been nudging me here and there all my life. These nudgings/communications have never suggested or brought about situations that would be harmful to myself or others, so what the hell. I’m game. Let’s go for it.

“[Deity], for those willing to receive / grant us the vision, the courage, the will and the means / to heal ourselves / help heal each other / heal all that abides on this planet / and heal the planet itself.”

This is a prayer I’ve been saying – with slight variations over time – for probably around a year now. I suppose I’m seeing some of the fruits of this prayer in the aforementioned “suggestion” from the Powers That Be. Anyhow, I’ll be posting more about this journey as the days and weeks (years?) unfold. Feel free to join in, if you feel so moved.

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Date: Wednesday, 4. August 2010 4:11
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    . . . i know what you’re talking about . . . i feel it too . . .

  2. 2

    I read back from your mid 2011 post to here and would like to send my appreciation for giving me the feeling that I am not journeying alone…

  3. 3

    Thanks for your comment, @heartfeltdruid. I’m glad to have provided a modicum of company on your journey, and thank ~you~ for reminding me it’s time for an update to the blog…

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