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About Bella-Magic

The official poop: The owner of this site has been practicing the Craft for over 14 years. She served on the Board of Directors for Spiralheart, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the metro Washington DC area, for 10 years. She also assisted Reclaiming in developing structures and processes for both international and local services, including the RCRC (Reclaiming Community Resource Collaborative), Witchcamp.org, and the Reclaiming Spokescouncil. She is a member and supporter of WABA-PLC (Washington-Baltimore Pagan Leadership Conference), and was an attendee of its inaugural meeting. She is also a supporter of the Open Hearth Foundation's Pagan Pride Days. She is an initiate of both Reclaiming and Feri Traditions, and has taught Reclaiming tradition curriculum locally and at Witch Camps in West Virginia and Vermont. All this, and $3.50, will get you a cup of coffee at the local Starbucks. Maybe.