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Bella-Magic is:

The opinions expressed herein are my own. The only authority I claim is that of my own experience. In peace, take what you like, and leave the rest. If you choose to borrow any of the writings here, please credit Bella-Magic, with a link back to this site.

If you are here because maybe a friend or loved one is into this sort of thing, and you're finding yourself getting concerned or frightened by what you read, take a deep breath. Call upon the deity of your understanding, and ask for guidance. Your own relationship to deity trumps anything else. Have faith in your faith. Those of you who are atheist or agnostic - you've no need to worry, eh? Have a good chuckle while you're here.

Latest & Greatest

Re-discovered a cache of writings and classes (thanks JF), and will be posting shortly. In the meantime, here's something new:

Article: Feri Teachings and Teachers

Say you've seen a flyer in the local witchy store, advertising aclass in "Feri Tradition" tools or such. Sounds intriguing? "Damn", you think, "about time some Feri folks got to this neck of the woods"! Well, hold on a second. Caveat Emptor (buyer beware). Do some checking first.
Is the person offering this class actually initiated in the Feri Tradition?
There's a reason why to ask.

Article: Reclaiming-Style Rituals: What to Expect

“What is a ritual? Why would I want to be a part of one?”
“What if I feel uncomfortable? What if I want to get -out- of one?”

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