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Web Sites

http://www.feritradition.org - Links to all things Feri (that most agree is decent material).
http://www.feritradition.org/classes.htm - List of Feri classes and initiated, public teachers.
http://www.reclaiming.org - offshoot of Feri, links to Reclaiming trad groups world-wide.
http://www.witchcamp.org - week-long training intensives in the US, Canada & Europe.
http://www.aikifaq.com - everything Aikido.


50 Years in the Feri Tradition by Cora Anderson - a tantalizing taste of what Feri is all about.
Etheric Anatomy by Victor Anderson - what comprises the Three Selves, astral travel, more.
Thorns of the Blood Rose by Victor Anderson - poetry.

Lilith's Garden by Victor Anderson - poetry.
The White Wand: Towards a Feri Aesthetic by Anaar - overview of white wand skills & attributes.
The Stars Within the Earth by Storm Faerywolf
Evolutionary Witchcraft by T. Thorn Coyle - Feri-based exercises and explorations.
The Spiral Dance by Starhawk - classic Witchcraft 101 (with a good dollop of Feri flavor).
The Pagan Book of Living and Dying by M. Macha Nightmare & Starhawk
Circle Round by Diane Hill & Starhawk - raising children in a pagan way.

Magazines & Periodicals

Witch Eye: A Zine of Feri Uprising - writings by Feri initiates and students, wide range of perspectives
Reclaiming Quarterly - San Francisco based 'zine, with some international content
Yoga International - published by the Himalyan Institute
Ascent (yoga)
Shambhala Sun (secular & Buddhist)
Aikido Today Magazine


Quick and dirty one-page handout on the concensus process used in past Spiralheart meetings (pdf format).
Handout on the elements of Reclaiming ritual (pdf format).
One-page handout on (Western-style) chakras (pdf format).